Engineering journalist, Mark Evans, has been given an access-all-areas pass to interview the INEOS team and explore each component of the Grenadier. He’ll take you behind the scenes to see all the latest developments, so by the time it’s finished, you’ll know the Grenadier inside out.

Episode 1 - Frame & Axles

Discover the rugged backbone of a truly uncompromising 4X4 – The Grenadier. A box-section ladder frame and beam axles designed to tackle the most testing terrain and toughest workloads.

Episode 2 - Suspension

The Grenadier needs suspension that can tackle the toughest terrains and conditions. This episode of 'Building the Grenadier' reveals what set-up INEOS have chosen.

Episode 3 - Rising to the Challenge

Building a brand-new 4X4 is no easy feat — especially during lockdown. Despite restrictions, INEOS pushed ahead with developing the Grenadier to keep the whole project on track.​ In this episode, Mark Evans catches up with some of the team to bring you the very latest progress updates.​

Episode 4 - Exterior Design Reveal 

Take a look at this unique off-roader. It's function over form. Boxy and straightforward. A true utilitarian 4X4.​

Episode 5 - Engine & Transmission

A no-nonsense 4X4 vehicle engineered for the world, with an engine and transmission giving control across all terrains.​

Episode 6 - Kicking the Tyres

In this instalment of Building the Grenadier, five off-road enthusiasts get up close with a Grenadier prototype. INEOS also reveal the wheel and tyre set-up on the no-nonsense 4X4 for the first time.

Episode 7 - From Prototype to Production

Episode 7 of Building the Grenadier invites you to take a look at the prototype assembly line. Plus we get a look at the inside of their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where your Grenadier will be built.

Episode 8 - Testing & Development 

Join Mark Evans as he talks to our Head of Engineering about what lies ahead for the rigorous testing programme planned for the Grenadier protoypes.

Episode 9 - Interior Design 

The wait is finally over. In this episode of ‘Building the Grenadier’ we take a first-look at the interior with Head of Design, Toby Ecuyer.

Episode 10 - Driving the Grenadier

Mark Evans gets the opportunity for a first drive at one of the 2B Prototype Tour locations. We also hear from a group of potential buyers on their first thoughts after taking a passenger ride in the Grenadier.

Episode 11 - Building Your Grenadier

You’ve seen what the Grenadier is made of. Now it’s time to see where it’s being built. Check out the state-of-the-art factory in Hambach!​

Episode 12 - Behind The Grenadier

Over the last 11 episodes, the Building the Grenadier series has revealed every stage of the proper 4X4’s development. Watch the final episode, as we hear more from the man behind the Grenadier as he looks back on where it all began and reveals what the future holds