Servicing Your Grenadier

Tested over 1.8 million kilometres, the INEOS Grenadier was built to last. Tough, strong and durable. We are so confident in its capability, we’re offering a five-year warranty.

Get your Grenadier serviced every 12 months with Orangeworks Automotive - the only Irish importer and distributor of the vehicle. Our servicing covers all areas of the vehicle as per the Grenadier manufacturing service requirements, so you do not need to worry about your warranty.

When Should You Get A Service?

1. Every 12 Months

2. 6 Months after your last service if you do high mileage

3. Before Your NCT - to give you every chance of passing first time

4. If you are planning a long drive or have any concerns

Parts Support

Orangeworks Automotive carry common Grenadier parts and we’ll aim to provide quick delivery for any we don’t have on the shelf.

There is an interactive parts catalogue for the Grenadier which makes it easier for you to identify exactly what parts you need.

We have teamed up with an experienced automotive logistics partner and have a central European parts centre. So, we can get parts and accessories to you quickly, wherever you are.

3D Guides & Repair Manuals

For those of you who are 4X4 obsessed, the Grenadier has been designed and engineered to be easy to work on inside and out - so you can take care of some of the repairs yourself! To help you, INEOS provide online repair manuals, with support from their technical team who are just a call or a click away.

The owner’s handbook and online ‘how to’ guides can help you carry out your own simple mechanical maintenance. You’ll also find every component broken down on screen in the online interactive animated 3D repair manual.